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The Breathing Sessions 



Tense shoulders/neck migraines, depression, anxiety, chronic stress, overwhelmed. Lack focus, problems with concentration or memory? ...Cant sleep, tightness in your chest or feel stuck?   How is your breathing? 


Breathing incorrectly means our cells are not nourished, or de-toxifying properly. Our sleep is disturbed, poor emotional responses and behavioural rigidity.   We can have cravings, low libido, heart issues, feel fatigued, and often be unwell - catching that "bug" thats going round.

So when we are Breathing correctly we "feel" and we "are" a whole lot better. Its the wellbeing POWER SWITCH. The immune system stays strong, - the body’s natural ability to heal, renew, repair and recover. Increased energy levels, improved cognitive skills, along with mental and emotional balance and building up your resiliency to Stress.

In this Breathing Workshop you will learn;

 *Simple breathing anatomy, physiology and psychology of breathing

 *What is the correct way to breathe - and its not belly breathing :0

 *Explore the common unhealthy breathing patterns that most of us have

 *What breathing pattern you have and ways to shift and retrain it

 *The Vagus Nerve (which has the largest distribution in the body) and its relationship to     breathing  

 *Nasal Cleansing - Jala Neti

You can change your life by simply changing your breath


The Art of Relaxation -  Restorative Yoga 



We live in a time where most of us have become disassociated from the important signals from our body. A form of somatic amnesia, where we rely heavily on the brain and the thinking mind, but cut ourselves off from the body. Often feeling overwhelmed we disconnected from ourselves, consciousness, divinity and our true nature.

Restorative Yoga cultivates the art of body-mind integration ,slowing down, deep listening, and breathing freely - extremely important, as your breath is linked to your energy body.  Any area in the body where there is chronic tension or poor circulation will have a reduced capacity for cellular respiration, so an inefficient exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide between tissues and organs.


With the use of a wide range of props it allows you to access, open up and release areas of bodily tension. Harnessing the breath in the process will deepen the release leaving you feeling more spacious and rested.

In this Restorative Yoga workshop you will learn;

*To create total ease and comfort in your body in order to deeply relax and release

 *To train your nervous system in becoming more resilient 

 *To move from sympathetic functioning to parasympathetic - slowing down is waking up

 *How this practice can create a foundation for mental, emotional and physical health

 *What the key elements of a Restorative Practice are and how to achieve this at home.  

When doing less is more....

The Big Relax 

a special session for private groups



Restorative Yoga is the antidote you need to feeling nurtured, relaxed and deeply rested. Blankets, bolsters and blocks support the body whilst you learn to breath in ways that strengthen and sooth, support and enhance your health and well being.

You will use the breath to clear you head, release layers of physical tension and hit the reset button on your nervous system. 


By becoming more mindful of your breath and how it affects you, an added  bonus is you will learn breathing techniques that help to dissolve that back pain, anxiety, stress or sleepless nights.  No previous experience necessary.

If you have a group of people/work colleagues/a wedding party and would like me to hold one of these especially for your group, please get in touch. 


I've recently completed a four week "Restorative Yoga" Course with Just Breathe. It was one of the most nurturing things I think I've ever done for myself!


Gabrielle is wonderfully supportive and knowledgeable. I'd highly recommend these classes for anyone, regardless of whether you've had yoga experience or not.   


-Anna FC-

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