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Hatha-Vinyasa Yoga

In this on going 6 week block of classes you will learn how to restore optimal balance between body and mind,  through self inquiry, a focus on your breath, and learning to yield.

When you Yield, you learn not to live in Resistance- which creates mental and physical rigidity.  You learn not to live in Defeat or Self-negation - which creates mental and physical lethargy, low self esteem.  You learn to live in a relaxed, yet strong, easeful and sustainable way. Your mind, body and spirit in harmony and flow with each other. 


Mental health deeply affects your physical health, so if being healthy in both these area's is of importance to you then this could be perfect for you. Regain your body's natural state of well being. Develop strength, and agility. Leave feeling an inner calm and a renewed mental clarity.

There is no right body for yoga, keeping an open mind is what is needed helpful... . 

START DATES - 28/6     16/08

6 Weeks  $110

Please, if you have queries don't hesitate to get in touch




Through practices you learned in the "Restorative Workshop" you know how to release the knots and tension accumulated through the week.


Its time to continue with the "pause", self reflection, as you begin to facilitate health and relaxation on a regular basis. 


Blankets, bolsters and blocks totally support your body, as your breath softens, muscles melt and your nervous system is soothed. A wonderful way to enter the weekend... 

4 WEEK BLOCK   $100  Suitable for all levels

"Gab was my first yoga teacher. Now, every time I attend a new class I feel like the teacher is not as good a Gab. She takes care of everybody, she knows how to teach and she doesn't make you feel uncomfortable.


Attending her yoga class was the best thing I did in my Auckland life. She helped me a lot with my injuries (neck, shoulder, knee...) and it was such a relief to study yoga with her. She was even able to improve my breathing.


If you have a yoga class to choose, choose Gab’s."


   - Lalie - 

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