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Auckland Yoga

Auckland Yoga Classes with a difference

If you are looking for a boutique yoga offering in the Auckland yoga scene then Just Breathe Yoga might the perfect choice for you. The classes are small and the vibe is friendly. If you're looking for a yoga class where you can move with a smaller group, and have an attentive teacher, then Just Breathe Yoga will be your match. Yoga tights and yoga bodies are not a prerequisite for entry, just a desire to practice yoga. To learn the basics to the more complex; how your body works, how to breathe better, to embrace who you are, and where you are starting from. Prepare to have your notions of what yoga is all about be challenged at Just Breathe Yoga. You will push and stretch yourself in these classes, perhaps to a level of discomfort, the choice is yours. However, you are encouraged to work at a level that is respectful of your body and its current abilities. There is no power yoga here, strength-building is part of the classes, as is working on your flexibility and awareness.

Just Breathe Yoga In all Just Breathe Yoga classes, workshops and Yoga Therapy sessions there is an emphasis on your breath and breathing practices so you are not only engaging your body in movement and poses, but also becoming aware how your breathing impacts your poses. Everything is purposeful, and the awareness of your breathing is the key to it all. Whichever class you take, by the end of it you'll feel any tension and stress you've been holding in your body will have slipped away. With expert guidance from a teacher who observes as much as she teaches, you get much more from Just Breathe Yoga than a workout. You learn how to “work-in” connecting your mind and your body to the soul inside... This is Auckland yoga that is respectful of everyone's abilities and requirements, from beginners to accomplished yogis. Come and find out what Just Breathe Yoga can do for you, your body, and mind at one of our taster classes. The Just Breathe Yoga studio is located within the Ananda Marga Yoga and Meditation Centre at 51 Sussex Street, Grey Lynn / Ponsonby, Auckland, with plenty of free parking nearby.

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