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Yoga classes in Auckland

Just Breathe Yoga runs yoga classes in Auckland that will suit anyone with a genuine interest in improving their health and fitness with a Yoga practice. Unlike some of the larger Yoga classes that run in many of the popular gyms in Auckland, Just Breathe Yoga is a boutique studio with smaller classes enabling a safer and more tailored learning environment. The studio is roomy enough to accommodate 8-10 students which allows Just Breathe Yoga teacher, Gabrielle Matches to have the ability to observe everyone in their poses offering help and assistance when required. either by request or through her observation that its needed. Gabrielle is a champion at meeting you, where you are at in your yoga practice, and working from there. Just Breathe Yoga has yoga classes on both ends of the energy exertion spectrum. For an active class the Hatha Vinyasa classes are perfect for building strength, flexibility and general fitness and the Restorative Yoga for deep relaxation.

Hatha Vinyasa

These yoga classes are run as an 8 week course. Just Breathe Yoga provides classes that are not just good for general fitness and flexibility, but also provides a focus of self-inquiry. Benefits from this approach include:

  • more balanced body chemistry

  • enhanced motor control

  • increased kinesthetic acuity.

You are learning to awaken different sensations in your body through the poses, but keep in mind you are not striving for a particular body shape, but using the poses to heighten your ability to sense and receive information from your body, via your muscles, nervous system, and breath. The last two weeks of this course are used to embody and consolidate the lessons learnt over the previous six weeks, integrating this experience into one that is a more felt process (of the body) than a cognitive, language-based learning.

Yoga Fit

Just Breathe Yoga Yoga Fit classes balance of a number of Yogic components. The Just Breathe Yoga, Yoga Fit — 20/20/20 class is excellent for yoga enthusiasts who are looking for a class that allows you to focus on your particular requirements, whether its strength, flexibility, or both. If you are new or old to yoga, have more strength than flexibility, or more flexibility than strength, then this class maybe perfect for you. Precisely one hour; with 20 minutes warm up, 20 minutes working your needs, and 20 minutes winding down and meditation.

Restorative Yoga

The restorative yoga classes run by Just Breathe Yoga are all about easing your body and mind into a state of mindful relaxation where your body can be in the right state to rejuvenate and repair itself. If you lead a busy lifestyle and need a moment to block out the chaos from the working week, you'll find a session of restorative yoga a surprisingly welcome respite; the perfect way to drop into a state of restful calm. Over time and with practice, you'll be able to switch into that neutral mind state like a master, and enjoy what these amazing supportive poses can do for you. Take a look at the weekly schedule of the Just Breathe Yoga Restorative Yoga classes or upsize your relaxing repose with the Monthly Bliss Restorative. If you're looking for a safe class and a teacher that is able to be attentive to your needs, then Just Breathe Yoga classes in Auckland are something you need to try. You can take a sampler of any two classes for $30. We're looking forward to seeing you. Just Breathe Yoga practices at the Ananda Marga Yoga and Meditation Centre at 51 Sussex Street in Grey Lynn / Ponsonby, Auckland.

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