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Restorative Yoga Classes in Auckland

Just Breathe Restorative Yoga Classes

Just Breathe Yoga Restorative classes in Auckland offer a healthy way to unwind from the stress of modern life. Held in the evenings, these classes are an excellent prelude to a night of deep, soothing and regenerative sleep. Restorative yoga is the practice of deep relaxation through poses held for long periods of time (some up to 20 minutes) along with some deeply relaxing breathing practices. The poses are supported with blankets, blocks, and various bolsters allowing the body to rest fully without any tensions or strain. While some restorative yoga poses are beneficial to the entire body, others target specific parts of the body. The principle of Restorative Yoga is deceptively simple — “to rest deeply” but in practice often takes time to master the art of a quiet mind and body. Sometimes a restful state of mind comes easily, at other times when we are so often preoccupied, there is more to let go of, if only for the moments you have in class.

Health Benefits of Restorative Yoga

Stress can and does make you sick. A regular practice of Restorative Yoga helps to significantly reduce these effects in direct contrast to the usual muscular yoga practices. The idea is to support the entire body frame as comfortably as possible so that the process of relaxation and regeneration can occur; with the least amount of resistance from the forces of physics and wayward body parts, limbs, spine and hips. People who practice Restorative Yoga often say how it has cultivated their self awareness and introspection, like a long calming meditation practice. They report feeling rejuvenated, more balanced... and not on edge. The follow-on benefits often last several days and include improved powers of concentration, patience and sense of calm. Just Breathe Yoga offers classes that are completely dedicated to Restorative Yoga. Combine our restorative yoga classes with Hatha Vinyasa or Yoga Fit classes for a balanced program of yoga for a healthy mind and healthy body. Over time and with practice, restorative yoga will reward you with the ability to quickly drop into a place of stillness. Just Breathe Restorative yoga classes in Auckland are all about soothing our fidgety bodies and putting our wandering minds into neutral so that we can rest quietly in the moment. Reset your system and take a Restorative Yoga Class or two for a test drive. Book your class now and be prepared for a wonderfully enlightening experience. MONTHLY RESTORATIVE SESSION 2.5 hrs of bliss

With double the time we drop into resting longer and deeper. You will leave feeling your energy levels restored, a calm and peaceful mind with a delicious sense of lightness and ease in your body. A fantastic monthly practice that reminds us we need to slow down...and enjoy the simple things in life... the sun, the rain, the smell of a flower, the laughter of a child...

Just Breathe Yoga practices at the Ananda Marga Yoga and Meditation Centre at 51 Sussex Street in Grey Lynn / Ponsonby, Auckland.

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