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Yoga in Auckland

Auckland yoga studio Grey Lynn and Ponsonby

Getting the most out of yoga in Auckland

Deciding where to do yoga in Auckland can be daunting with the choice of studios. All have pranayama (breath work) and asana (pose) in common, but there are a number of variations on the styles that are offered and how the breath and pose are put together. Just Breathe Yoga is a unique Yoga Studio that operates within the Ananda Marga Ashram (Yoga and Meditation Centre) at 51 Sussex Street, Grey Lynn, Ponsonby fringe. The environment is welcoming, friendly, and personal. At Just Breathe Yoga we emphasise how you can use your Breath to carry you through your entire yoga practice. When we use our Breath during class, not only do we focus on how we can use Breath on a physical level, but also the mental, emotional and spiritual areas of our lives too. TKV Desikkachar offers a wonderful encapsulation of this idea “However beautifully we carry out a pose, however flexible our body may be, if we do not achieve the integration of body, breath and mind we can hardly claim that what we are doing is Yoga.”

Small Classes, Attentive Yoga Teacher

Classes are lead by Yoga Teacher, Gabrielle Matches, an experienced Yoga teacher and Yoga therapist who is passionate about making Yoga accessible to all levels. Gabrielle will frequently modify poses for individuals to suit their body type and level of flexibility. The studio accommodates up to 10 students, which ensures that anyone who attends is provided with appropriate guidance, and kept free from injury. At some yoga classes held in Auckland city gyms with larger classes of thirty or more people, the chances of injury is considerably higher. It can take a lot of courage to go from sitting on your couch and thinking about yoga to actually rolling out a mat and doing a class. Be kind to yourself and take the next step with Yoga classes at Just Breathe Yoga. You can participate in any two taster classes for only $30. This is yoga in Auckland that everyone can do. Just Breathe Yoga practices at the Ananda Marga Yoga and Meditation Centre at 51 Sussex Street in Grey Lynn / Ponsonby, Auckland.

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