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Yoga Therapy in Auckland: 5 Questions

Questions about Yoga Therapy

What is yoga therapy, is it like yoga classes, only more intense? Yoga Therapy is nothing like a Yoga Class. Yoga Therapy takes a holistic and integrative approach to dealing with a persons condition. It's about addressing the personal needs of an individual. So to address the various levels of healing of the whole person to achieve balance. This is at the heart of Yoga therapy. How does yoga therapy address specific health issues? This very much depends what the health issue is. Each person is different and requires a different plan for therapy. Yoga therapy uses all the tools of Yoga not just asana (poses).First, there is an initial consultation that takes roughly 90 minutes, which is then followed up with a minimum of 3 appointments. Yoga therapy is the process of empowering individuals to progress toward improved health and well-being through the application of the teachings and practices of Yoga. For people to be self-empowered and have a more active roll in their self-care. Clients are guided towards their own understanding of themselves and their bodies. Practices within a plan can include: poses, meditation, mantra diet, to other forms of exercise from the yoga toolbox. Can Yoga Therapy work alongside conventional medical treatments? Yoga Therapy works very well alongside most medical treatments, and is rarely contraindicated. How will yoga therapy help reduce my stress levels? Yoga Therapy looks at your lifestyle, what is happening currently in your life, as often stress is acute. In this particular instance how you breathe, would get a major look at. As would what you get stressed about what your levels like and how you currently manage them. For each person these are very different, what stresses one person may not affect another person at all. We also look at where you can slot into your life daily yogic practices to significantly reduce or even eliminate stress. How long do I have to wait to see results? It depends on your condition, but often straight away there is a shift of some kind, be that a physical or mental shift. For more information please visit our Yoga Therapy section or call Gabrielle to book an initial appointment.

Just Breathe Yoga practices at the Ananda Marga Yoga and Meditation Centre at 51 Sussex Street in Grey Lynn / Ponsonby, Auckland.

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