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Santosha - Sustainability Yogi...

What in my life feels like a void ?

What am I trying to fill it with?

Will it be filled by more consumption?

The Yoga practice of sitting with our breath brings us to the moment, to experience a fullness, a stillness on the inside that requires nothing from the outside. Simply BEING...taking refuge in a calm centre, opening our hearts in gratitude for what we have The practice of not seeking...

Contentment, This is "Santosha" the second Niyama of the Yogic Path.

The grace of Santosha comes when we melt into the pure awareness that this very breath carries with it all that you need...

You just need to pay attention to it

There is no single product or person that we can consume that will fill us like that. Sustainability is as much on the inside as it is on the outside. One impacts the other. We are so conditioned to believe that more followers, tweets, and likes represents goodness, glory, success... So we struggle on, like myself, attempting to prove "Special-ness", be better and bigger, gaining 1 or 2 more likes to remain in a "tribe" and not get cast aside for average, not notable - deluding ourselves that this is what counts.

At the end we still feel it's not enough, dis-content.... depleted, mentally exhausted this seeking "approval" outside of ourselves.. Where is the Santosha?

The Yogis tell us things are neutral. It is the personal labelling we put on these things that make them appealing or repulsive to us.. continually seeking or avoiding.. This is not sustainability.

There has to be give and take, effort and surrender, falling in love with your life..

So lets ask ourselves, do I need object or activity. ? What am I trying to fill? Who am I both with it and without it..? Will it really improve me,?

Maybe with these questions you will try to shovel less in, and in that you will have more, so much more.. The paradox is you will feel full.

*Notice when you try to fill in a difficult feeling or thought with"stuff"

*Practice "I have enough" each time you reach to buy

that 5th pair of sneakers..or 10th pair of pants...

*Give, love your complete attention to someone, a smile. They fill 2 people up, for the price of one! you and the other


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