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Food for the Body Mind and Soul

A great option for your near and dear one's!  A gift of an "experience"  a "break from the daily routine" an opportunity for well being and mental health. Its food for the nervous system, brain and body. And in a wonderful location with stress free parking - Grey Lynn, Auckland.

What better thing could someone need in todays often over cluttered over scheduled world.?.

Restorative Yoga


Stressed, short of breath, back pains?  

Overwhelmed, frazzled, exhausted.

  Restorative Yoga maybe just the antidote they need.

 Blankets, bolsters and blocks support the body while

 special breathing practices soothe their nervous system

hitting the reset button.

Suitable for everybody, no previous experience required.


Thursdays @ 7.30 - 9.00pm


Hatha - Vinyasa Yoga


In this on going course you will learn to restore

balance between body and mind through self inquiry, a focus on your breath and experiencing the affects of the yoga postures.

You will not only develop strength and flexibility,

but leave feeling an inner calm and a renewed

mental clarity.

Suitable for everybody. 

Tuesdays @ 6.30 - 7.15pm



A Private Session  

For those you know would prefer starting off with a private session.

1 Session  VOUCHER  $90     3 Session  VOUCHER $250

What My Clients Say

“The gentle relaxation of the body and focus on breath during Gabrielle's restorative sessions clear my mind and bring calmness that stays with me for days afterwards.

I always feel physically relaxed after a session but even more profound is the sense of tranquility and a readiness to face whatever challenges the next day brings.”

- Anne Mary -

"Gab welcomed me to her restorative session and it was the best thing I ever done.

I was able to take control of my soul and finally find the peace I needed.

My body was floating like a cloud. Thanks heaps for your kindness and for being an amazing yoga teacher." 

- Lalie -

"At the age of 60, I faced some major changes in life which led to health issues.

I suffered reoccurring pain in different parts of my body and became very emotional.


Through Yoga Therapy,

I was able to heal myself without needing 

any medication.

I am very grateful to you."

- Chanchal -

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