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One on one
or a group tailored service

Private Yoga Classes

A tailored yoga experience for Individuals and Groups 

Sessions can be held at your home or place of work

Please note travel expenses maybe added to the cost depending on your location

Individuals or a Couple

Private yoga sessions are tailored to your needs. I work with you on any issue you are feeling needs your attention. It can vary from the physical ie hip flexibility/strength building to, practices that eliminate stress or anxiety. Perhaps your breathing doesnt feel right... your sighing alot, your breath is shallow and high in your chest creating neck and upper back tension.  A few private sessions will give your the tools to put your breathing pattern back on the right track.


You might be pregnant and require some special attention to help you sleep, reduce anxiety around the birth or becoming a parent. Or maybe your just beginning your yoga journey and would like a few sessions to get your confidence before attending a class. There are no right or wrong reasons for private sessions, its simply time dedicated to you for you. Tools to refine, deepen, and bring balance into your mind and body.  

Price per 1 hr session  (1-2 people)

1 Session $75  

5 Sessions  $350 

10 Sessions $650                             


A corporate company, team building, a group of friends, couples, bride and groom or the bridal party. These sessions are tailored to your requirements, taking into account, age, ability and the objective. This can vary from just wanting to have fun,  to stress-relief, building team cohesion, awareness and emotional intelligence, to a specific health issue that the group have in common.  

Price per 75 min session  (3-5 people)

1 Session $130

5 Sessions $600

10 Sessions $1180

WHEN BOOKING- please let me know time and days most suitable and we will work from there.

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Were the private sessions helpful?

Yes, very. Thank you!   I realised I had got stuck in a rut and my energy levels were low.

Through talking with you I understood I needed to get more balance in my life and let others take more responsibility for themselves. It helped me to find the courage to take less responsibility for others and concentrate more on what I needed to move forward. But also to live in the present is very important and to enjoy the moment.


- Kathryn George -

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